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Weber County has a land area of 576 square miles. With a population of 231,236, it is Utah’s fourth largest county in terms of population. The county used to cover territories as far as California and Oregon but shrunk to its present size when the states of Nevada and Utah were formed.

Weber County occupies portions of the Wasatch Front, parts of the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake, and much of the Wasatch Mountains. The county is divided into the Lower Valley and the Upper Valley, separated by the Wasatch ridge. While the Upper Valley is mountainous, most of the population of the county is concentrated in the Lower Valley next to the Great Salt Lake.

The U.S. Fire Administration monitors fire outbreaks in Weber County and other parts of the state. The administration tracks fire casualties and educates people about the importance of fire safety. Findings support that most house fires are caused by faulty electrical wiring and outlets, improper use of electrical appliances, carelessness in the kitchen, and the use of alternative heating devices.

Few people who perish in home fires actually die of burns; most die from smoke inhalation. Home fires can spread very fast, especially when weather conditions allow. When smoke gets thick, it is hard for people to get out of the house, even if they are familiar with the home’s layout. As the fire grows, it will deplete the oxygen in the house. With limited oxygen, people will become disoriented and overwhelmed by smoke.

The protection of life should be the number one priority of home dwellers in the event of a fire. They must try to save themselves before thinking about their valuables and other belongings. Members of the community can pull together to help families who are trying to rebuild in the wake of a fire.

While people should use the utmost caution to prevent fires, sometimes they are inevitable. The first step after a fire is to execute a proper cleanup. The Disaster Company is your partner in launching a thorough cleanup effort so you can rebuild. Our trained team members can help with safe and efficient fire cleanup in Weber County.