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Woods Cross, with a population of roughly 11,000, is a city in Davis County, Utah. It has a total land area of 3.9 square miles with an elevation of 4,377 feet. The city is located in the southeastern part of Davis County. North of the city is West Bountiful. Bountiful lies to the east and the city of North Salt Lake is to the south. The area was first settled in 1865 and was incorporated as a city in 1935.

Woods Cross is characterized by a serene community life with close-knit neighbors. But just like in any other community in the state, Woods Cross is also prone to disasters such as house fires. As the city quietly prepared for Christmas in 2016, the peace of the season was broken by a house fire that claimed the lives of an elderly couple. The holiday lights on the house malfunctioned, causing the blaze. The couple tried to put out the fire using an extinguisher, but they were overwhelmed by the heavy smoke. The neighbors attempted to rescue the couple but were unable to do so.

The responding firefighters put out the blaze and evacuated the couple. They administered CPR while transporting the couple to the hospital, but their efforts were unsuccessful, and the couple was pronounced dead.

As the community grieved the tragedy, the fire department warned people of the danger of holiday lights, which can malfunction and start fires. Woods Cross residents were counseled to be vigilant year round to guard against house fires.

When fires do happen, people must rebuild. They can start with a thorough cleanup of the area. This process is often best left to the professionals such as the team at The Disaster Company. Our trained experts can provide a compassionate and competent hand to help with fire cleanup in Woods Cross and around the state.