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West Point, with a population of roughly 10,000, is a city in Davis County, Utah. It was first settled in 1867 when it was still known as North Hopper. It was incorporated as a city in 1935. West Point has a total area of 7.3 square miles with an elevation of 4,314 feet. West Point is located near the Great Salt Lake with extensive wetlands along its western boundaries.

Summer is fire season in Utah, and West Point is not immune. In 2016, a home in West Point was destroyed by fire. The $400,000 property went up in smoke, beginning in the garage area, at about 5 p.m. The only resident of the house at the time of the blaze was a teenage boy who was able to escape unharmed. The cause of the fire was investigated, but the source was never found.

The firefighters from North Davis Fire District, assisted by emergency responders from Weber, Roy, Layton, and Sunset, used both air and land tactics to extinguish the blaze. Their efforts, however, were hampered by low water pressure in the pipes as well as the raging heat of the summer.

The incidence of house fires is higher in the summer months when temperatures are elevated and house materials dry out. People tend to use more cooling appliances in summer, straining a home’s electrical system.

City residents should be on the lookout for signs of fire during in summer and help each other out in the event of a fire. When fires do occur, property owners should call the professionals to help with cleanup and restoration. The Disaster Company is your compassionate partner in the wake of a fire. The company’s trained, experienced team can help you execute a thorough fire cleanup in West Point and other cities around the state.