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Davis County in Utah is the third-most populous among the counties in the state. It is home to some of Utah’s most magnificent geologic scenery, including the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island. Davis County lies between the Great Salt Lake on the west and the Wasatch Mountain Range on the east. It is considered a bedroom community, with about half of its population working in other counties.

The unique location of Davis County, sandwiched between a lake and a mountain range, makes it more susceptible to radon hazard. Radon is a radioactive gas. Its presence is difficult to detect because it has no taste, smell, or color. Radon is produced by the decay of uranium that is naturally present in all rock and soil. Radon decays into small particles that may settle in the lungs, resulting in damage to lung tissues that could lead to cancer.

In Utah, the greatest potential for elevated radon levels is found in the lower Weber delta and along the mountain front, right where Davis County is located. The soil in Davis County is deltaic sediment from Lake Bonneville or alluvium derived from the metamorphic rock in the Wasatch Mountain Range. Radon poses a biohazard in the commercial and residential parts of the county because gas can collect in the enclosed spaces of businesses and homes.

For homes and buildings to be exposed to radon hazards, they must be built on ground with sufficient uranium content, with underlying soil that allows for easy movement of the gas. The problem will be exacerbated if the structures’ flooring is made of porous materials or if there are cracks and other openings that will allow radon from the soil to enter the building. Radon is more likely to infiltrate a building when there is a difference between the air pressure inside a building and around the building’s foundation.

Biohazardous situations require prompt action to reduce potential damages. The timely removal of biohazards is crucial to the health of the residents in the affected area. The Disaster Company has professionals who are trained to execute biohazard cleanup wherever it is needed. If you live in Northern Utah, our professionals are well-equipped to handle a Davis County biohazard cleanup.