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Farr West, a city in Utah, is located in the north end of Weber County. It has a land area of 5.8 square miles and a population of more than 6,000. The city has an elevation of 4,265 feet and enjoys a beautiful view of the snow-packed mountains to the east during winter. Farr West has a small-town feel with many local businesses that operate from home sites.

In spite of Farr West’s idyllic feel, the city is not immune from disasters. In February of 2017, for example, the serene life in Farr West was disrupted when residents had to deal with the smelly mess of raw sewage water bubbling up in the basement of their homes. About 20 homes were affected, and many of the residents had no choice but to move out, unable to live with the smell of the sewage.

The problem occurred because the city’s sewage system became overloaded. For several days, affected residents pumped the putrid water out of their basements. Fortunately, the community provided support to the families, welcoming them into their homes and helping with the messy cleanup. The Central Weber Sewer crews installed an emergency pipe two miles from the flooded neighborhood to remove pressure from the main sewer line.

Affected homes faced multiple problems. After the main cleanup effort, they had to deal with the health hazards of the sewer water. Raw sewage contains many forms of bacteria and constitutes a biological hazard. Then, there is the mold problem that could develop after a basement has been flooded. Molds thrive in moist environments.

For sewage problems like the one in Farr West, it is best to contact the professionals to help with cleanup. The Disaster Company has extensive experience with biohazard accidents. For help after floods, fire, biohazard spills, and more, count on us for safe and thorough Farr West disaster cleanup.