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Layton is located in Davis County, Utah, and is a leader in the region’s economic development. It is the most populous city in the county, with a population of more than 72,000. The city has a total land area of 22.2 square miles with an elevation of 4,350 ft. Layton’s location is ideal for economic activities, with direct access to Salt Lake City, Ogden, the Salt Lake City International Airport, and Antelope Island. The city is adjacent to Hill Air Force Base.

Various businesses call this scenic and prosperous city home, including manufacturing warehouses. Some facilities house chemicals such as anhydrous ammonia in different applications. Anhydrous ammonia is used as a component in fertilizers and as an industrial cleaner.

Ammonia is mainly used in the industrial sector as a refrigerant. Ammonia is a strong, colorless compound that can exist as a gas or liquid. Anhydrous ammonia is the gas form of ammonia. When compressed, it has no smell, but once it is released into the air, the smell is pungent. Prolonged exposure to ammonia will desensitize the nose because of the overpowering odor.

Anhydrous ammonia has various applications as a fertilizer additive, in the cleaning industry, and in manufacturing. It must be handled with extreme care as it can irritate the skin and eyes, even in its diluted form. People handling anhydrous ammonia must wear safety goggles and gloves as a precaution. When the chemical is stored in a manufacturing or warehouse facility, it has the potential for an industrial explosion.

Extreme caution must be exercised when anhydrous ammonia is stored near population centers. Industrial explosions in storage facilities or accidental spills could endanger the lives and health of people in the vicinity.

In the unfortunate event of chemical spills, it is best to call in the experts immediately. At The Disaster Company, we are ready to extend a compassionate helping hand. Our trained technicians are properly equipped to perform Layton biohazard cleanup as well as disaster remediation throughout the state.