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Farr West is a city in Weber County, Utah, that is located on the county’s northern end. Just like most of the areas in Weber and Davis Counties, Farr West is situated between the imposing Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Great Salt Lake to the west. The city is located on the slopes of the mountains, which means that rainfall and snowmelt from the Wasatch Mountains will flow downhill in the vicinity of Farr West until it reaches the Great Salt Lake.

An event in early February of 2017 highlighted the risks facing communities that lie along the path of water flow from the mountains. Heavy rainfall and snowmelt precipitated by unusually warm temperatures caused widespread flooding in low-lying areas, including the city of Farr West. Basements were inundated with flood water, and residents had to keep using their sump pumps to drain the glut of water. Because of the flooded streets, however, homeowners were not able to empty the water from their pumps into the storm drains that were already submerged by that time. Instead, they dumped the flood water from the basement into the home’s sewage drain.

The combination of several factors, which included heavy rainfall, snowpack, the saturated ground, and the sump pump discharge, overwhelmed the sewage system. As a result, some residents experienced raw sewage backup inside their homes.

This was a double whammy for homeowners. Basement flooding is a problem in itself, one that can lead to mold infestation. Raw sewage backup posed another doozey of a problem, given the biohazard risks. Raw sewage could be teeming with millions of bacteria that could endanger lives. The cleanup effort usually requires the assistance of trained professionals to handle the biohazard wastes.

The professionals at the Disaster Company are equipped and trained to handle flood and biohazard cleanup after a catastrophe like the one that struck Farr West. Contact us for Farr West disaster cleanup.