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Farmington, a city in Davis County, Utah, is located between the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains. The lake enhances the snowfall during winter while the Wasatch Mountains provide a cooling effect on most summer evenings. The city hosts many hiking trails as well as the famous Lagoon Amusement Park. Farmington is the seat of Davis County.

The topography of Davis County presents geological hazards to the area that have resulted in several disasters, including the breach of the Davis-Weber Canal in 1999. Heavy flow from the Weber River is usually diverted into the canal, but sometime in July of 1999, a breach in the canal occurred at Riverdale. About 8.3 million liters of water in the canal drained in about four hours, inundating the areas adjacent to the canal.

The water from the canal flowed downslope starting from the breach. This resulted in the erosion of an outlet channel on the hillside and caused flooding at the base of the hill. The outlet was cut, but the water continued to flow. The canal caused erosion upstream. It was undercut and created a ravine parallel to the canal along the slope. Floodwater buried streets, yards, and basements.

Basement flooding may be considered a large-scale disaster not only because of water damage but also because of the mold infestation that often follows. Molds thrive on moist and humid surfaces such as those found in flooded basements. Mold infestation poses a great health risk to the inhabitants of the flooded house.

Disasters caused by geological hazards cannot be avoided, but you can work to mitigate their effects. It’s important to be prepared if you live in flood-prone areas. When floods do strike, you will be faced with the seemingly herculean project of rebuilding. The Disaster Company is your willing partner in the remediation effort. You can count on the company’s professional technicians to conduct a thorough flood cleanup in Farmington and communities throughout the state of Utah.