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The City of Ogden is the county seat of Weber County, Utah. The Great Salt Lake is about 10 miles to the east of Ogden while Salt Lake City is about 40 miles to the south. Ogden is a great hub for manufacturing and distribution because of its access to major roads and railways. Its proximity to the Wasatch Mountains and the presence of many historic buildings makes the city attractive to both international and local tourists.

Due to the rock and soil formation in Ogden, the city is prone to increased indoor levels of radon. Radon, a radioactive gas, comes from the natural decay of uranium in the rock and soil. When the geologic conditions are favorable, there is the possibility of higher-than-usual levels of radon. The Ogden Valley in Utah has soil with great potential for very high levels of indoor radon.

Radon is a natural gas. Outdoor radon levels are not problematic like indoor levels. In the great outdoors, air movement scatters the gas in the atmosphere. In homes or buildings, however, the gas collects in an enclosed space.

The risk of radon accumulation is elevated in a home or building constructed on ground that has high amounts of uranium, especially if the soil underneath the building allows for the easy movement of the gas. Radon can enter an edifice through porous building materials or openings or cracks on the ground level. The build-up of radon inside the building accelerates when the air pressure is lower than the pressure beneath the foundation.

Radon is a health risk because the radioactive particles could get trapped in the lungs. The particles could damage lung tissue and eventually lead to cancer. Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer in the country.

Communities that are prone to high levels of radon must be vigilant, constantly checking the levels of radon gas in their homes or buildings. When the levels are abnormally high, steps must be taken to mitigate the effects of the gas. The Disaster Company is ready to provide a compassionate and capable helping hand in testing for the presence of radon. The Disaster Company has specialists who are highly qualified to do testing and biohazard cleanup in Ogden.