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Farr West is a city located on the north end of Weber County, Utah. It has a land area of 5.8 square miles and a population of more than 6,000. The city’s elevation is 4,265 feet. It is located between the Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Great Salt Lake to the west. The snow-packed Wasatch Mountains are a beautiful sight from the city during winter.

Farr West is a foothill community that is constantly exposed to the risks of natural disasters. The elevation of Farr West may be considered high compared to most cities in the state and the country, but it is still at almost the same level as historic high water marks for the Great Salt Lake. Farr West’s placement makes it vulnerable to frequent flooding. Whenever there is a lot of rainwater and snowmelt coming from the mountains, the city’s water channels could be overloaded and overwhelmed. They could ultimately break into other channels that will eventually end up in the city’s residential areas.

In addition to the high potential for flooding, Farr West faces earthquake risks. The movement of the nearby Wasatch Fault could cause untold damage to the lives and property in the area. Since Farr West and the neighboring cities are located between the mountains and a lake, a strong earthquake could result in the liquefaction of the ground. This means that the moist soil could lose its ardor and be unable to support structures.

An earthquake could also trigger the release of accumulated sediment on the slopes of the mountains, such as in the canyons and creeks. This could cause debris to flow into the communities below.

Residents of foothill communities must be prepared for any natural disaster that could come their way. Once calamity hits, the cleanup and rebuilding processes begin. The Disaster Company has professional technicians who are trained and properly equipped to conduct disaster cleanup, including flood cleanup in Farr West.