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Bountiful, in Davis County, Utah, is a fast growing suburb of Salt Lake City. It used to be the largest city in Davis County until it was overtaken by Layton. It is a mostly residential community that is home to people working in the Salt Lake area. The city, with an elevation of almost 5,000 feet, is located on the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. It has warm to hot summers and cold winters.

Residents of the eastern part of the city can enjoy breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains. Those picturesque mountains, however, can also bring danger. When it rains heavily in the mountains or when the snow pack melts, the water could come cascading down the slopes and into the residential areas of the city.

Flooding is often a concern in Bountiful. When warm temperatures during February of 2017 coupled with heavy rainfall melted the snow in the mountains, several areas of the northern Wasatch Front, including the city of Bountiful, were placed under a flood watch. In the beginning of June of the same year, water and mud cascaded down Stone Creek Canyon with 30-foot-high waves slamming into Bountiful. People in the ravaged areas were evacuated. The swollen creeks that brought mud and water flow into several homes made the situation worse.

The National Guardsmen spearheaded the effort to dig the city out from the mud and debris. Armed with bulldozers and dump trucks, the troops and the army of civilian volunteers placed sandbags along the streets to contain the mud. The mudflow damaged 50 homes, and one home was completely destroyed.

Cities located on the slopes of a mountain always bear out the pros and cons of their geography. On the one hand, residents can enjoy beautiful weather and views. On the other hand, the threat of a natural disaster is never far away. Any unusual weather pattern could suddenly melt the snowcaps, which will bring high volumes of water cascading down the slopes. When the water and accompanying mud flow into residential areas, flooding may result.

Floods can ravage people’s lives and properties. At The Disaster Company, we are always available to help in the wake of flooding. Our trained and well-equipped team can compassionately assist with Bountiful flood clean up, allowing residents to regroup and move forward.