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Eden in Weber County, Utah is not an incorporated city but a census-designated place (CDP). It is located between the middle and north fork of the Ogden River, at the northern side of the Pineview Reservoir. Eden, with an elevation of 4,941 feet, has a population of just 600, but it has its own post office and zip code (84310).

The first home in the area, a log cabin, was built for summer herdsmen back in 1847. Fifteen families came to the area two years later, traveling through the North Ogden Canyon and Pass. The government surveyor tasked by the settlers to plot the area thought that it was one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen and named it after the Garden of Eden.

Even earth’s most idyllic spots, however, are not spared from the wrath of nature. Unseasonably warm weather at the close of winter in 2017 melted the snow packs, with the resulting runoff flooding the low-lying areas in its path, including Eden and Huntington.
The flooding compromised roads in northern Utah, leading to the closure of SR-30 in Utah and SR-233 in Nevada in both directions.

The flood also affected roads in Eden. Soaked in flood water, the homes were ripe for mold infestation. Molds thrive in moist and warm areas, making a flooded home a perfect habitat. Homeowners can detect mold infestation when they see stains or discolorations on the home surfaces, especially those made of wood. Mold infestation poses a great risk to the integrity of the home and the health of its residents.

Even Eden in all of its beauty can be disrupted by natural calamities like flood, water damage, and mold infestation. In the aftermath of the unexpected, the Disaster Company is ready with trained technicians and proper equipment to take care of flood cleanup or mold cleanup in Eden and neighboring communities.